31 October - 01 November, 2018 | London Marriott Hotel Regents Park, London, United Kingdom

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Download the 2018 Agenda for the 12th Directed Energy Systems Conference  Workshop venue:

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"Directed energy is a game-changing technology" - Insights from Colonel E. Thompson, Air Combat Command US Air Force

In the run-up to Directed Energy Systems 2018, we had the opportunity to discuss with Colonel Michael E. Thompson, Chief, Advanced Weapons Systems (A5/8ZW), HQ Air Combat Command USAF and speaker at the event. He provides here an exclusive preview of this brief at the conference and share ...

Achieving military dominance with directed energy weapons

In this exclusive statement, Lt. Gen. (USAF Ret.) Henry A. “Trey” Obering III, Executive Vice President, Directed Energy, Booz Allen Hamilton and speaker at Directed Energy Systems 2018 explores the opportunity Directed Energy Weapons present to achieve military dominance. While the U.S.’ pro ...

Operationalising directed energy onto platforms: Opportunities and challenges

In this exclusive interview with Colonel Sean Wilson, Officer in Charge, Cyber Electromagnetic Activities of U.S. Army Europe and speaker at the conference, learn more about what limitations have been found during the Mobile Expeditionary High Energy Laser (MEHEL) test, what type of threat ...

Inside the rapidly growing directed energy systems market

A lot is currently happening in the directed energy systems space. Seen as potential game changers in future military activities. Able to engage rapidly and precisely with agile targets at a low cost, they are seen as potential game changers for future military activities, particularly for coun ...

Directed Energy Systems 2017 - Survey Results - Infographic

The age of directed energy is rapidly – moving forward. No longer are those involved in this field primarily focused on issues of policy and possibility, but instead are fixed on the advancement of the technology into utility – exploring issues of integration, scale and operational application.