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Directed Energy Systems: 2016 in Review

The age of directed energy (DE) is finally – and rapidly – moving forward. No longer are those involved in this field focused on issues of policy and possibility, but instead are fixed on the advancement of the technology into utility – exploring issues of integration, scale and operational applicat ...

Directed Energy Systems 2017 - Survey Results - Infographic

IS DIRECTED ENERGY REALLY THE FUTURE OF WEAPON SYSTEMS? The age of directed energy (de) is finally – and rapidly – moving forward. No longer ar ...

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Directed Energy Systems: Analysing the Myths and Misconceptions

In spite of the rapid progress of directed energy systems, there remains a wealth of uphill challenges for the market. In particular, there is an enormous amount of uncertainty when it comes to the true costs and capabilities of these systems, not to mention how much pressure other issues will...

Non- lethal directed energy systems: Solutions for police and security

Investment into the research, development, and procurement of non-lethal weapons for law enforcement has recently included crowd control systems such as tear gases, malodorants, water cannons, sticky foam and electroshock solutions – all with varying degrees of success. However, directed energy represents a range of fledgling technology, some of which...

Directed Energy Systems 2016 - Who is attending?

The Directed Energy Systems Conference is more popular in 2016 with delegates attending from across the world.  Take a look at the attendees here.

Laser Weapon System (LaWS) demonstration aboard USS Ponce

The U.S. Navy has released this footage of the Laser Weapon System (LaWS) Operational demonstration aboard USS Ponce. View the Video here. 

Rheinmetall Demos 50kW 'HEL' Laser Weapon

Rheinmetall, the global technology company focused on defence and automotive systems, says it has successfully tested its new 50kW high energy laser (HEL)-based weapon technology demonstrator

Directed Energy Systems - 2013 Annual Update

As directed energy is now being moved out of the laboratory stage, this snapshot sector report collates some of the most important developments within Directed Energy Systems over the past year (2013) as the technology edges ever closer to full operational realisation.

Boeing lands $16M laser weapon follow-up

October 2012 Defense contractor agrees follow-on contract with US Army Space and Missile Command for 10 kW solid-state system.

Lockheed Laser Downs Rocket Targets

Lockheed Martin says that its 10 kW portable fibre laser weapon has shot down small-caliber rocket targets in recent tests – the latest demonstration to highlight the rapid progress being made in the emerging field.

MBDA's laser weapon destroys artillery models

October 2012 40 kW system using fiber lasers supplied by IPG Photonics completes deployment sequence on towed shell targets.

Swiss-French team develop new concept for FEL gun laser

Paul Scherrer Institute and Amplitude Systèmes propose novel ytterbium-based FEL

US team lands $7M grant for attosecond laser development

DARPA backs collaboration comprising Florida, Ottawa and Berkeley researchers.

Shift in mind-set vital if Directed Energy Weapons to be operational in theatre

From the blog entry “Is Directed Energy Destined to Remain in the Realms of Fantasy?” By Mark Eastwood, Producer, Directed Energy Systems 2013, Defence IQ

Interview With Directed Energy Systems 2013 Speaker, Dr Palíšek

Dr Palíšek has been working in the field of high power electromagnetic effects on electronic systems for over a decade and has done research with high power microwaves for the Czech Ministry of Defence. Defence IQ recently sat down with him to discuss his work with directed energy systems...

Raytheon UK launches laser-based IED detection system

"Soteria" can confirm and diagnose threats from a safe distance to maximise protection of troops and vehicles.

Directed energy experts consider route to acceptance

The DE systems conference in London in March 2013 discussed the need for education to promote wider appreciation of laser weapons.

Directed Energy Systems Sector Update 2012

In recent years advancements in Directed Energy Systems have been slow and hardly moved out of the laboratories, however, 2012 saw a series of successful prototype development testing. This sees an important move for directed energy as it is now being prepared for the battlefield.

Fibre lasers ‘perfect’ for directed energy systems

The tenth annual Directed Energy Systems conference, organised by Defence IQ and held in London earlier this year, heard almost two dozen presentations on all of the key areas in the development of DES.

‘Non-lethal’ lasers not always as specified

Growing use – by friend and foe – of lasers as weapons in civil unrest and war zones; many lasers labeled “low power” present greater dangers, DES 2013 conference hears.

U.S. forces growing confident in directed energy prospects

November 2014 As the technology evolves, nations worldwide are keeping a finger on the pulse of directed energy (DE) and the opportunities it could entail for accurate, powerful and cost-effective weapons systems of the future. As with most experimental developments, most eyes are trained on the activity taking place in...

Changing the Game: The Promise of Directed-Energy Weapons

This report, from Mark Gunzinger and Chris Dougherty of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA), examines DE as a particularly promising source of operational advantage for the military. The unique attributes of future DE capabilities—the ability to create precise, tailorable effects against multiple targets near-instantaneously and at a...

Directed Energy: How Rheinmetall is ‘making the impossible possible’

December 2014 Rheinmetall Air Defence AG and Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH are currently undertaking some of the most cutting-edge technological programmes in Europe as they continue to develop and test Directed Energy (DE) applications for military use. It is therefore appropriate that Colonel Fabian Ochsner, chief of ground based air...

Is Science Fiction holding us back?

Conference producer Rory Colthurst explores whether there is a danger of scepticism slowing down the rate of technological advance within Directed Energy in his first blog post.

Directed Energy Systems 2014: Sample Delegate List

Download our sample delegate list for Directed Energy Systems 2014

Boeing going above and beyond to bring lasers to the battlefield

November 2013 Realising the potential of directed energy systems in the current climate is extremely important to military budgets, where efficient, deep magazine capabilities can deliver long term savings whilst simultaneously enhancing defence capability. Recognising this need, Boeing has grown a range of systems in this field and has this...

Why progress is slow for directed energy at land, air and sea

Use of directed energy weapons, whether for land, air or naval defence, could well be the gateway to 21st century force protection, but to date, forward momentum on a true transition to this capability has left something to be desired. Two of the distinguished speakers at Directed Energy Systems 2013...

Attendee list 2017

Take a look at who is coming to the 2017 Directed Energy Systems Summit today.