Directed Energy Systems Agenda Page

Key Themes Include: 

  • Setting the value proposition for Directed Energy Systems: what can these systems do that traditional “powder” guns and high-velocity projectiles cannot, and how can and should this case be made to decision-makers?
  • Defining the value of High-Powered lasers on the battlefield, both in terms of their utility as - for example - GBAD systems, versus safety concerns in terms of radiation exposure, as well power/weight issues and concerns around “ruggedisation”
  • How Microwaves continue to have application as non-lethal weapon systems, but also as effective UAS-killers – how and why they may become the energy system of choice versus the laser
  • How using Lasers and other Directed Energy Systems as close-in weapon systems, in combination with conventional weaponry, can provide forces with greater protection against salvoes and massed attacks
  • Given the growing investment into Directed Energy Systems and the recognition that these systems will become more and more common on the battlefield, how can and should militaries be integrating these systems into their force organisation and command structures – will they become a feature of the Electronic Warfare branches of the future, or artillery?

Directed Energy Systems Agenda Cover

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